Custom web development

Even though most of the projects our company has delivered during last 8 years were Magento based (over 500) we have also worked on numerous custom web projects, such as online marketplaces and custom e-commerce applications, online directories and portals, CRM and business automation applications, online auctions and site builders, social networks and SaaS (cloud) applications.

So why would anyone develop a custom solution if there are hundreds of content management systems (CMS) and online tools for DIY websites? Usually the reasons are as following:

  • Evolving requirements. The typical situation for most of startups – market situation, investors, competitors, co-founders constantly bringing in new ideas, opportunities or challenges and the vision and all corresponding requirements may change monthly, if not weekly, which make it impossible to select a development platform that meets all these requirements from the very beginning.

  • Non-standard requirements. Often e-commerce applications are required to have some features that the base platform (Magento) doesn’t have(e.g. non-standard product types that standard product search and checkout cannot handle, or CRM features), so it turns out to be easier to make a custom site with some of the e-commerce features Magento has rather than customize Magento by rewriting half of its original functionality.

  • Unique functionality. This also happens quite frequently with startups. The features the client wants to have aren’t provided by any available CMS or the frameworks isn’t provided by existing CMS and their components.

  • Specific software architecture. There might be requirements for certain scalability, performance, or compatibility parameters the application has to meet that there would be no other choice to create a unique architecture.

There might be hundreds of other arguments, but the bottom line is – sometimes you have to build a web application from scratch and we can help you with this. Our technology stack includes Zend framework, Yii framework, AngularJS, Node.js, HTML5 and many more on demand options.